A network internet monitor needs to reach beyond traditional solutions which may only provide activity logs or utilization trends. The ideal network internet monitor can provide answers to questions such as:

  • Which hosts are consuming the majority of bandwidth?
  • What applications are being used to fill the connections and by who?
  • What is the end user experience (I.e. latency or round trip time) when employees utilize specific business applications?
  • Why is the application slow?
  • Is there any packet loss?
  • What is the retransmit rate for a specific connection?
  • What domains are my end users hitting with their BYOD equipment?

NetFlow Traffic Analysis

The above is just a sample of the questions that need quick and timely responses when the business managers start becoming inquisitive about performance issues. The ideal technology for answering these questions is NetFlow. Leveraging flow technology for NetFlow traffic analysis is a profession that exposes those that either consume the most bandwidth or cause enough problems to bring attention to their behavior. NetFlow and the new standard for NetFlow called IPFIX are also both used for the forensic investigation of malware infected systems.

cisco netflow reporting

What is NetFlow

'What is NetFlow' can be summarized as a routinely exported cache on a router, switch, or server with summary details regarding packets with similar attributes. An example would be a Skype connection between users A and B. A network internet monitor can provide details about this connections pertaining to who, what, when, how often and where. One of the best NetFlow analyzers to do this with is developed by the NetFlow Knights.

The NetFlow Knights are a group of flow enthusiasts backed by a leading commercial NetFlow vendor. Anyone can become a NetFlow Knight. All you have to do is get involved and pledge support for the growing belief that flow technology is one of the ideal solutions today for network traffic analysis!

Monitoring a Network

To gain the greatest insight when Monitoring a network, we suggest using a Cisco AVC reporting solution which can interpret Flexible NetFlow configurations of NetFlow and IPFIX. Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) provides network internet monitor information on juicy details such as:

  • HTTP Host
  • URI
  • Latency (round trip time)
  • Jitter, packet loss, retransmits
  • Numerous Cisco WAAS metrics

Best NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow could very well be the answer to your next network internet monitor investment. Flows provide the details most network administrators and helpdesk personnel are looking for. Since all Cisco ISR and ASR routers support it, all you have to do is turn it on and invest in the best NetFlow analyzer on the market. If you have further questions, reach out to Plixer, a leader in NetFlow reporting for both application performance and the forensic investigation of threats.